neuropsychiatric evaluation chicago

Read This if You Think You are Struggling with Depression

So, you feel down sometimes- this is just a simple fact of life. Sometimes, you meet life’s obstacles and conquer them in stride, other times you feel defeated.

It’s even normal if you have a serious case of the blues for a few days due to trying circumstances and stress.

However, if you find yourself feeling down for no particular reason, or if you are consistently feeling defeated and overwhelmed by even minor obstacles or daily life tasks for a prolonged period of times, then you may be suffering from clinical depression.

neuropsychiatric evaluation chicago

People throw around the ‘I’m so depressed’ phase far too often and far too casually nowadays, so much so that it is tricky to tell if you are suffering from a serious mental illness.

There are quite a few symptoms that may indicate the presence of legitimate clinical depression and they vary from symptoms you would logically expect and symptoms that don’t seem like symptoms at all.

For example, feel upset and sad and just down on your luck at all times can be a symptom of depression, but so can insomnia or unrestful sleep. Even irritability can be a sign of depression, as well as continually passing up on the opportunity to take part in activities you normally love, without really knowing the reason why.

If you are experiencing any or a number of these symptoms, don’t try to look around the internet and self-diagnose. Even worse, do not try to self-treat.

The best thing you can do is find a neuropsychiatric evaluation chicago facility. These facilities are experts in diagnosing clinical depression and they know how to tailor treatment to your specific symptoms through a combination approach that can include therapy or medication or lifestyle redesign.

So, if you’re not feeling like yourself lately, if you’re slowly detaching from friends and family, and if you are feeling seriously annoyed and irritable at all times, consider getting evaluated by a professional.

Getting diagnosed is the first step to a happier, healthier, and depression-free life.